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Mediation Industry

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Mediator Neutrality
Bernie Mayer Profile Pic

Bernie Mayer

Length: 2 minutes

Solution to the Mediation Crisis

If you say lawyers are the gatekeepers, does the solution to the mediation crisis lie further upstream?... read more

Costs of Mediation 100 Dollar bills
Matt Rushton Profile Pic

Matthew Rushton

Length: 2 minutes

Mediation Fees in the UK

Why are UK customers more concerned with mediator fees than in the United States?... read more

Costs of Mediation 100 Dollar bills
Matt Rushton Profile Pic

Matthew Rushton

Contact Matt Rushton

How can people get in touch to continue the discussion?... read more

Life choices and emotions
Maricruz Profile Pic

Mari-Cruz Taboada

Length: 2 minutes

Perceptions of Commercial Mediation in Spain

How do Spanish businesses typically perceive mediation?... read more

Individuality concept, birds on a wire
Jane Player Profile Pic

Jane Player

Videos: 7

Length: 26 minutes

Making Mediation Mainstream

How do we transform mediation from a cottage industry (in the UK at least) to a service that individuals, organisations and legal advisers w... read more

Mediation in russia
Tsisana Shamlikashvili Profile Pic

Tsisana Shamlikashvili

Length: 2 minutes

Popularity of Mediation in Russia

How widely used is mediation in Russia?... read more

build your mediation brand
Mike Lind Profile Pic

Michael Lind

Length: 3 minutes

The Judicialisation of Mediation

Are you concerned that mediation is an overly legalised process?... read more

Glasses on Book
Charlie Irvine Profile Pic

Charlie Irvine

Length: 5 minutes

Promoting the Mediation Process

How can we grow and promote mediation?... read more

What lawyer look for in mediators
Tim Hardy Profile Pic

Tim Hardy

Length: 4 minutes

Lawyers in Mediation

When you represent clients in mediation, do you think you are a help or a hindrance to the mediator?... read more

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