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Starting a Mediation Business

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Family dispute
Philippa Johnson Profile Pic

Philippa Johnson

Length: 2 minutes

A Family Mediation Business Plan

How did you establish your business plan?... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 2 minutes

A Sense of Accomplishment

Are you proud of your accomplishments in mediation in India?... read more

Fraley Profile Pic

Andrew Fraley

Length: 5 minutes

Building a Full Time Mediation Business

How did you get your mediation business to where it is today?... read more

Innovation mediation in healthcare
Sarah Barclay Profile Pic

Sarah Barclay

Length: 2 minutes

An Evolving Vision for the Project

Has your vision for this mediation project evolved over time?... read more

Business man thinking with question marks.
Phil Hesketh Profile Pic

Phil Hesketh

Length: 2 minutes

Targeted Marketing

Once you’ve identified a niche, how do you proceed?... read more

Selling mediation and achieve your market value
Victoria Pynchon Profile Pic

Victoria Pynchon

Length: 5 minutes

Growing the “She Negotiates” Business

How did you grow the She Negotiates business?... read more

Mediator making a difference
David Liddle Profile Pic

David Liddle

Videos: 12

Length: 1 hour and 5 minutes

Mediators: Secret Agents Of Change

How can mediators act as agents of change in society and create a sustainable income for themselves at the same time? Watch this interview w... read more

Brain Pathways
Neil Denny Profile Pic

Neil Denny

Length: 2 minutes

Focusing on Things You Can Control

Why is it important to focus on things within your control when starting a mediation business?... read more

Preventing Conflict
Edward Moore Profile Pic

Ed Moore

Length: 2 minutes

ResoLex v Concordis

Is there significant overlap between the theory and technology you use in ResoLex and Concordis?... read more

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