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Growing a Mediation Business

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Individuality concept, birds on a wire
Jane Player Profile Pic

Jane Player

Videos: 7

Length: 26 minutes

Making Mediation Mainstream

How do we transform mediation from a cottage industry (in the UK at least) to a service that individuals, organisations and legal advisers w... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 5 minutes

Mediation Business Strategy

How did you approach establishing your mediation business in India?... read more

Starting out in mediation
Eve Pienaar Profile Pic

Eve Pienaar

Length: 1 minute

Post Mediation Training

What did you do after completing your mediation training and establishing your mediation business plan?... read more

Mediator making a difference
David Liddle Profile Pic

David Liddle

Length: 1 minute

Choosing a Mediation Business Model

What should you consider when designing a mediation business model?... read more

Phil Hesketh Profile Pic

Phil Hesketh

Length: 3 minutes

Phil Hesketh – For the Difficult Cases

On your website is your strap line: Phil Hesketh – For the difficult cases. What sort of thinking went into that?... read more

Mediation and Behavioural science

Nadja Alexander

Length: 1 minute

An Important Quality for Mediators

What quality do you think is important in an effective mediator?... read more

planning a mediation business

Bill Marsh

Videos: 7

Length: 27 minutes

Get Your Mediation Business Model Right

We’re under no illusions as to just how tough being a newcomer to mediation is, particularly in the UK where the field is still in its inf... read more

No Turning back lawyer to mediator
Jon Lang Profile Pic

Jon Lang

Length: 1 minute

Contact Jon Lang

How can people get in touch with Jon Lang and learn more?... read more

Selling Mediation the mediation process
Liz Stokoe Profile Pic

Elizabeth Stokoe

Length: 1 minute

Extolling the Virtues of Mediation

What would be your main advice to mediators on how to explain the value of mediation?... read more

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