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Growing a Mediation Business

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What is conflict coaching
Cinnie Noble Profile Pic

Cinnie Noble

Length: 2 minutes

The Conflict Coaching Business

Is conflict coaching a more sustainable business model than mediation?... read more

planning a mediation business

Bill Marsh

Length: 1 minute

Finding Mediation Market Opportunities

How can a new mediator find new opportunities in the market?... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Length: 7 minutes

How the CMC Promotes Mediation

How does the CMC promote mediation with the general public?... read more

Selling mediation and achieve your market value
Victoria Pynchon Profile Pic

Victoria Pynchon

Length: 2 minutes

Using LinkedIn Effectively

Do you have any advice on using LinkedIn effectively?... read more

Communication Art
Jo Holland Profile Pic

Jo Holland

Length: 1 minute

Scale of the Small Claims Mediation Business

How many mediations have you done so far since the business started last year?... read more

The IMI and Mediation as a Profession
Deb Masucci Profile Pic

Deborah Masucci

Length: 3 minutes

Growth in ADR

Where are the best opportunities for growth of ADR in the future?... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 4 minutes

An Effective Mediation Business Model

What did you find to be the most effective mediation business model in this environment?... read more

Starting out in mediation
Eve Pienaar Profile Pic

Eve Pienaar

Videos: 17

Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes

Starting Out in Mediation

How can a business plan help you grow your Mediation career? How do you market yourself as a Mediator? Eve Pienaar has not only achieved the... read more

Mediator making a difference
David Liddle Profile Pic

David Liddle

Videos: 12

Length: 1 hour and 5 minutes

Mediators: Secret Agents Of Change

How can mediators act as agents of change in society and create a sustainable income for themselves at the same time? Watch this interview w... read more

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