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Growing a Mediation Business

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Costs of Mediation 100 Dollar bills
Matt Rushton Profile Pic

Matthew Rushton

Length: 2 minutes

Mediator Specialisation

Does a mediator need to specialise to succeed?... read more

Narrative mediation theory and process
Gerald Monk Profile Pic

Gerald Monk

Length: 1 minute

Narrative Mediation Training

How does one become a narrative mediator and what does the training focus on?... read more

How to Market Mediation
Chrissie Lightfoot Profile Pic

Chrissie Lightfoot

Length: 3 minutes

Building Your Referral Network

What is a referral network and how can we build one?... read more

ODR and Online Courts in England and Wales
Richard Susskind Profile Pic

Richard Susskind

Length: 1 minute

Timescale for Reform

How long will it take to implement any ODR reform?... read more

Brain Pathways
Neil Denny Profile Pic

Neil Denny

Length: 2 minutes

Focusing on Things You Can Control

Why is it important to focus on things within your control when starting a mediation business?... read more

Individuality concept, birds on a wire
Jane Player Profile Pic

Jane Player

Videos: 7

Length: 26 minutes

Making Mediation Mainstream

How do we transform mediation from a cottage industry (in the UK at least) to a service that individuals, organisations and legal advisers w... read more

Reflections of a top flight mediator

Bill Marsh

Videos: 12

Length: 46 minutes

Reflections of a Top Flight Mediator

If there was a James Bond 007 of mediators, Bill Marsh would be your man. If his mediation CV isn’t enough to convince you, listen to him ... read more

Cliffs of Moher
Austin Kenny Profile Pic

Austin Kenny

Length: 4 minutes

A Business Background for Mediators

Has your background in business helped you as a mediator?... read more

Life choices and emotions
Maricruz Profile Pic

Mari-Cruz Taboada

Length: 2 minutes

Perceptions of Commercial Mediation in Spain

How do Spanish businesses typically perceive mediation?... read more

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