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Growing a Mediation Business

Get inspired, learn tips, tools and tactics to start and grow your mediation business; from marketing to pricing your service.

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Arianna Jeret Profile Pic

Arianna Jeret

Length: 6 minutes

Lessons from Starting a Mediation Business

What have you learned from the process of building your mediation business?... read more

Selling mediation and achieve your market value
Victoria Pynchon Profile Pic

Victoria Pynchon

Length: 3 minutes

Mediator Income

What proportion of mediators have an income of over US$20,000 per day?... read more

Brain Pathways
Neil Denny Profile Pic

Neil Denny

Length: 4 minutes

Positive Mentality for Building a Mediation Business

Is having a positive mentality crucial in building a successful mediation business?... read more

Reflections of a top flight mediator

Bill Marsh

Length: 2 minutes

Advice for Mediators

What makes a good mediator?... read more

butler handing over pot
John Sturrock Profile Pic

John Sturrock

Length: 1 minute

Contact John Sturrock

How can people get in contact with you?... read more

Different Professions
Stephen Anderson Profile Pic

Stephen Anderson

Length: 3 minutes

Grassroots Mediation Movement

What else can we do at a grassroots level?... read more

Jason Dykstra Profile Pic

Jason Dykstra

Length: 1 minute

Different Marketing Uses for Different Platforms

Do you use each platform to target a different market?... read more

Build Your Mediation Practice
Tammy Lenski Profile Pic

Tammy Lenski

Length: 6 minutes

Challenges for Marketing Mediation

What are the main problems mediators face when it comes to winning business or promoting themselves?... read more

Starting out in mediation
Eve Pienaar Profile Pic

Eve Pienaar

Length: 2 minutes

Your Mediation Interest

Why did you become interested in mediation?... read more

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