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Growing a Mediation Business

Get inspired, learn tips, tools and tactics to start and grow your mediation business; from marketing to pricing your service.

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Fraley Profile Pic

Andrew Fraley

Length: 5 minutes

Building a Full Time Mediation Business

How did you get your mediation business to where it is today?... read more

Selling mediation and achieve your market value
Victoria Pynchon Profile Pic

Victoria Pynchon

Length: 3 minutes

Determining Your Market Value

How can you determine your market value as a mediator?... read more

Mediator Neutrality
Bernie Mayer Profile Pic

Bernie Mayer

Length: 2 minutes

Solution to the Mediation Crisis

If you say lawyers are the gatekeepers, does the solution to the mediation crisis lie further upstream?... read more

Buried in Paperwork
James Walker Profile Pic

James Walker

Length: 1 minute

Resolver’s Business Model

How does Resolver's business model work?... read more

How to Market Mediation
Chrissie Lightfoot Profile Pic

Chrissie Lightfoot

Length: 6 minutes

Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer

What is your newest book, Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer all about?... read more

Costs of Mediation 100 Dollar bills
Matt Rushton Profile Pic

Matthew Rushton

Length: 2 minutes

The UK v US Mediation Market

Why are the highest mediation fees in the UK so much lower than in the US?... read more

No Turning back lawyer to mediator
Jon Lang Profile Pic

Jon Lang

Length: 7 minutes

Mediation Marketing Strategy

How do you approach marketing your mediation business?... read more

What makes a good Mediator
David Richbell Profile Pic

David Richbell

Length: 3 minutes

First Foray Into Mediation

How did you become a mediator?... read more

Jason Dykstra Profile Pic

Jason Dykstra

Length: 1 minute

Different Marketing Uses for Different Platforms

Do you use each platform to target a different market?... read more

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