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A comprehensive checklist of the skills, processes and knowledge that every mediator needs to be effective

About The Author

Mediator Academy Founder Aled Davies has been involved in mediation for over 18 years. He's a writer, speaker and educator who's obsession for mediation and conflict resolution borders on unhealthy!

Aled has conducted more in-depth interviews with  mediators and conflict resolvers than anyone else on this planet. He's trained thousands of people in conflict resolution and is passionate about helping improve the quality of education in mediation and conflict resolution.  

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Learn how to distinguish a world class Mediation Training from a run-of-the-mill course.

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John Lee - Trainee Lawyer | Pinsent Masons

"I knew I wanted to complete a mediation training course but I really didn't know where to start. This guide proved to be invaluable. It was practical and full of insights. I even took it along to the training course that I eventually signed up to and used it as a reference guide."

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