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Mediation Skills & Techniques

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Setting up a workplace mediation business
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 2 minutes

Industries Suitable for Workplace Mediation

Are certain sectors more friendly to employment mediation programmes?... read more

A flexible Mediation Style
Lee Jay Berman Profile Pic

Lee Jay Berman

Length: 3 minutes

Mediation Fairness

How important do you think fairness is in mediation?... read more

Family dispute
Philippa Johnson Profile Pic

Philippa Johnson

Length: 1 minute

Number of Sessions in Family Mediation

How many sessions do you typically have in a family mediation?... read more

What makes a good Mediator
David Richbell Profile Pic

David Richbell

Length: 2 minutes

Building Trust with Parties

How does an effective mediator build a trusting relationship with the parties?... read more

Life choices and emotions
Maricruz Profile Pic

Mari-Cruz Taboada

Length: 4 minutes

Mediations Involving Strong Emotions

How do you advise we approach a mediation involving strong emotions?... read more

Setting up a workplace mediation business
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 1 minute

Theory and Workplace Mediation

How is mediation theory useful for workplace mediators?... read more

Black silhouettes of Dragon, Princess and Knight with bright glowing screen of shadow theatre in the background.
Sam Hardy Profile Pic

Samantha Hardy

Length: 3 minutes

Different Stories of Conflict

Do you encounter different types of conflict stories through your mediations?... read more

Fraley Profile Pic

Andrew Fraley

Length: 3 minutes

Giving the Parties What They Want

What do your clients want out of the mediation process?... read more

Authentic Mediation Skills
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 4 minutes

Becoming More ‘Authentic’

What can mediators do to become more authentic?... read more

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