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Lessons from Technology for Mediators
Orna Rabinovich Profile Pic

Orna Rabinovich-Einy

Length: 4 minutes

Accountability in Mediation

Is there a lack of accountability in mediation?... read more

Story of Narrative mediation
Sara Cobb Profile Pic

Sara Cobb

Length: 6 minutes

Why Narrative Mediation Works

Why are conflict narratives so resistant to change?... read more

Reflections of a top flight mediator

Bill Marsh

Length: 2 minutes

A ‘Matter of Fact’ Mediation Approach

How do parties respond to your ‘matter of fact’ approach to mediation?... read more

Preserving mediation values
Joe Folger Profile Pic

Joseph Folger

Length: 1 minute

The Role of a Transformative Mediator

What is the role of a transformative mediator?... read more

Setting up a workplace mediation business
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 3 minutes

The Power of an Apology in a Dispute

How important is an apology in workplace mediation?... read more

Setting up a workplace mediation business
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 2 minutes

Industries Suitable for Workplace Mediation

Are certain sectors more friendly to employment mediation programmes?... read more

Dale Bagshaw Profile Pic

Dale Bagshaw

Length: 1 minute

Language Barriers in Mediation

Can language barriers be a significant obstacle in mediation?... read more

Narrative mediation theory and process
Gerald Monk Profile Pic

Gerald Monk

Length: 3 minutes

Narrative Co-Mediation

Do you use a co-mediator in narrative mediation?... read more

Picture of multi-ethnic silhouettes communicating
Kalowski Profile Pic

Joanna Kalowski

Videos: 13

Length: 1 hour and 36 minutes

Cross Cultural Mediation

When tensions are high one’s capacity to listen and be in charge of oneself is severely impaired. If it’s the job of the judge to manage... read more

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