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Mediation & Conflict Theory

Learn about conflict theory and of the different types of mediation and how each approach differs

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Man standing at fork in road
Susan Maishlish Profile Pic

Susan Maishlish

Length: 3 minutes

Risks in Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

Are there any risks that arise in mediation which are peculiar to cross cultural conflict resolution?... read more

What is conflict coaching
Cinnie Noble Profile Pic

Cinnie Noble

Length: 1 minute

Conflict Coaching and Promoting Mediation

Can conflict coaching be used to encourage mediation?... read more

workplace mediation skills and techniques
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 3 minutes

The Parties’ Approach to Conflict

Is it important for mediators to talk to parties about their approach to conflict?... read more

Peace Candles
Al Zyoud Profile Pic

Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Length: 2 minutes

Communities in Transition Consulting

What is the Communities in Transition project?... read more

Black silhouettes of Dragon, Princess and Knight with bright glowing screen of shadow theatre in the background.
Sam Hardy Profile Pic

Samantha Hardy

Length: 7 minutes

Conflict Stories

What is a conflict story?... read more

Narrative mediation theory and process
Gerald Monk Profile Pic

Gerald Monk

Length: 3 minutes

Culture and Conflict

How can the surrounding culture of the parties create problems in conflict?... read more

Peace Candles
Al Zyoud Profile Pic

Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Length: 1 minute

Caring for Kaela

What is Caring for Kaela?... read more

The conflict paradox
Bernie Mayer Profile Pic

Bernie Mayer

Length: 4 minutes

Emotional Disputes

How should a mediator deal with a dispute where emotions are running high?... read more

Picture of multi-ethnic silhouettes communicating
Kalowski Profile Pic

Joanna Kalowski

Length: 2 minutes

Native Title

How did you get involved in Native Title?... read more

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