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Mediation & Conflict Theory

Learn about conflict theory and of the different types of mediation and how each approach differs

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Tammy Lenski Profile Pic

Tammy Lenski

Length: 1 minute

Patterns in Conflict

Do people in conflict tend to follow a pattern in mediation?... read more

Conflict theory, language and emotion
Ken Cloke Mediator

Ken Cloke

Length: 4 minutes

Negative Emotions and Conflict

What do you mean when you refer to a 'negative emotion' as an essential ingredient of conflict?... read more

Conflict theory, language and emotion
Ken Cloke Mediator

Ken Cloke

Videos: 11

Length: 53 minutes

Language, Emotion and Neurophysiology in Conflict Resolution

When I first started I thought to myself wouldn’t it be amazing if one day I could interview Ken Cloke. That day has c... read more

Sara Cobb Profile Pic

Sara Cobb

Length: 6 minutes

Narrative Mediation and Mediator Neutrality

What are the implications of the conflict stories for the mediator’s neutrality and impartiality?... read more

Peace Candles

Length: 1 minute

Caring for Kaela (2)

How did you progress from Caring for Kaela?... read more

Picture of multi-ethnic silhouettes communicating
Kalowski Profile Pic

Joanna Kalowski

Length: 2 minutes

Native Title

How did you get involved in Native Title?... read more

Buried in Paperwork
James Walker Profile Pic

James Walker

Length: 1 minute

Resistance to Resolver

How is your complaints management service viewed by businesses?... read more

Man standing at fork in road
Susan Maishlish Profile Pic

Susan Maishlish

Length: 4 minutes

Restarting the Peace Process

Where do you start with something like restarting the peace process?... read more

Black silhouettes of Dragon, Princess and Knight with bright glowing screen of shadow theatre in the background.
Sam Hardy Profile Pic

Samantha Hardy

Videos: 16

Length: 1 hour and 19 minutes

How To Unravel A Western Conflict Narrative

Every mediation starts with each side telling a story about what happened, why and who’s at fault. There are typically patterns and themes... read more

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