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What is Mediation?

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No Turning back lawyer to mediator
Jon Lang Profile Pic

Jon Lang

Length: 2 minutes

Intellectual Challenges of Mediation

Why do you say mediation is intellectually challenging?... read more

Cross border family mediation
Sabine Walsh Profile Pic

Sabine Walsh

Length: 3 minutes

A Professional Practice Consultant

What is a professional practice consultant?... read more

Preserving mediation values
Joe Folger Profile Pic

Joseph Folger

Length: 2 minutes

Mediation’s Core Values

What are the core mediation values that you want to preserve?... read more

Brain Pathways
Neil Denny Profile Pic

Neil Denny

Length: 1 minute

Collaborative Practitioner v Mediator

What is the distinction between collaborative practitioners and mediators?... read more

workplace mediation skills and techniques
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 2 minutes

A Therapist’s Perspective

What do therapists find surprising about mediation?... read more

The IMI and Mediation as a Profession
Deb Masucci Profile Pic

Deborah Masucci

Length: 3 minutes

Mediation Advocacy

What are the differences between mediation and mediation advocacy?... read more

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