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Mediation Policy and Law

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Darin Thompson Profile Pic

Darin Thompson

Length: 5 minutes

The Civil Resolution Tribunal Platform

How does platform used by the Civil Resolution Tribunal work in practice?... read more

Mediation in russia
Tsisana Shamlikashvili Profile Pic

Tsisana Shamlikashvili

Length: 4 minutes

Regulating Mediation

What should people consider when thinking about regulating mediation?... read more

France Map
Diana Paraguacuto Profile Pic

Diana Paraguacuto

Length: 2 minutes

French Mediation Organisations

What organisations are there to support mediation in France?... read more

Mediation and Behavioural science

Nadja Alexander

Length: 4 minutes

Approaches to Mediation Regulation

How should governments approach mediation regulation?... read more

A business man signing a piece of paper with someone pointing a gun at his head
Diana Paraguacuto Profile Pic

Diana Paraguacuto

Length: 2 minutes

Making Mediation Mandatory in France

Could mandatory mediation work in France?... read more

Online Courts and Digital Justice
Shannon Salter Profile Pic

Shannon Salter

Length: 2 minutes

The British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

What is the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal?... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Length: 2 minutes

Become a CMC Registered Mediator

How can someone become a CMC registered mediator?... read more

Lessons from Technology for Mediators
Orna Rabinovich Profile Pic

Orna Rabinovich-Einy

Length: 2 minutes

Improving Mediator Accountability

What are some examples of measures to improve mediator accountability?... read more

Different Professions

Length: 1 minute

Regulating Mediation Training

Could regulation be used to improve the quality of mediator training?... read more

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