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Mediation Models

Learn about mediation policy, costs, training and what lawyers look for when hiring a mediator.

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What makes a good Mediator
David Richbell Profile Pic

David Richbell

Length: 1 minute

Becoming an Effective Mediator

What does it take to become a truly effective mediator?... read more

A business man signing a piece of paper with someone pointing a gun at his head
Diana Paraguacuto Profile Pic

Diana Paraguacuto

Videos: 7

Length: 36 minutes

Can Mandatory Mediation Work?

The notion of mandatory mediation rubs right up against some of the core principles of mediation. So why have Argentina decided to introduce... read more

Creative marketing graphic
Marc Reid Profile Pic

Marc Reid

Length: 1 minute

Suitability of Workplace Disputes for Mediation

What criteria was used to decide whether mediation would be useful for a particular dispute?... read more

Mediation in russia
Tsisana Shamlikashvili Profile Pic

Tsisana Shamlikashvili

Length: 3 minutes

Mediator Curiosity and Continued Mediation Training

Is it important for mediators to continue training and to show curiosity?... read more

Conflict Theory from a mediator
Andrew Acland Profile Pic

Andrew Acland

Length: 1 minute

Contact Andrew Acland

Where is the best place to get in touch and learn more?... read more

Online Courts and Digital Justice
Shannon Salter Profile Pic

Shannon Salter

Length: 1 minute

“Facilitators” v “Mediators”

Why use the term “facilitators” instead of “mediators”?... read more

Creative marketing graphic
Marc Reid Profile Pic

Marc Reid

Length: 1 minute

Contact Marc Reid

How can people contact Marc Reid and learn more about workplace mediation?... read more

Value in Mediation Training
John Sturrock Profile Pic

John Sturrock

Length: 5 minutes

Selecting A Mediation Training Provider

What should a person consider when selecting a mediation training provider?... read more

Hustling to get more mediation business
Henry Minto Profile Pic

Henry Minto

Length: 2 minutes

Dealing with Unexpected Issues

Have you ever been confronted with an issue in mediation which you weren’t prepared for in training?... read more

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