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Narrative mediation theory and process
Gerald Monk Profile Pic

Gerald Monk

Videos: 15

Length: 1 hour and 12 minutes

Narrative Mediation – Theory, Process and Techniques

Conflict, can be described as a mismatch of expectations between what you thought should happen and what in turn actually happens. The Narra... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Videos: 12

Length: 51 minutes

Civil Mediation Council – Bringing Mediators Together

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) aims to increase participation in mediation across all sectors in the UK. The CMC was set up back in 2003... read more

Restorative Justice in Prison
Ian Marder Profile Pic

Ian Marder

Videos: 16

Length: 46 minutes

What is Restorative Justice?

When used in criminal justice, restorative justice (or restorative practices) brings victims and offenders into communication in order to ad... read more

ODR and Online Courts in England and Wales
Richard Susskind Profile Pic

Richard Susskind

Videos: 12

Length: 37 minutes

Online Courts and ODR in England and Wales

How do we innovate our justice system to make it more accessible, affordable and sustainable? The Civil Justice Council formed an advisory... read more

Fututre trends in ODR
Orna Rabinovich Profile Pic

Orna Rabinovich-Einy

Videos: 7

Length: 29 minutes

Future Trends in ODR

We haven't quite reached the stage of robotic mediators but Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) isn't hanging around. Watch this interview with ... read more

Negotiation skills and game theory
John Profile Pic

John Clark

Videos: 10

Length: 57 minutes

Negotiation Skills for Mediators

Has your mediation ever ended up in a horse-trading or salami-slicing exchange between the parties or you’re wondering what on earth to do... read more

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Glasses on Book
Charlie Irvine Profile Pic

Charlie Irvine

Videos: 14

Length: 43 minutes

A Rounded Education For Mediators

Should we really be let loose to mediate after completing a 40 hour mediation training course? Don't get me wrong I think there is a lot of ... read more

Communication Art
Jo Holland Profile Pic

Jo Holland

Videos: 12

Length: 52 minutes

A Thousand Mediations A Month

I know what you’re thinking; impossible! I can’t even meet my goal of one mediation a month let alone a thousand. Let Jo show you the wa... read more

A flexible Mediation Style
Lee Jay Berman Profile Pic

Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 8

Length: 35 minutes

A Versatile Mediator Toolset

Have you ever wanted to tell a party in mediation exactly what you think they should do but held back because you felt it wasn’t your plac... read more

Authentic Mediation Skills
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 5

Length: 33 minutes

An ‘Authentic’ Approach to Mediation

We’re told to be ourselves when mediating, we know it’s important to bring our authenticity into the mediation room yet the pressure of ... read more

Clock on Table
Lee Jay Berman Profile Pic

Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 12

Length: 48 minutes

Avoiding Impasse in Mediation

When you’re struggling to make any progress in a mediation is it because the parties have reached an impasse, the inevitable crossroads in... read more

Peace Candles
Al Zyoud Profile Pic

Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Videos: 16

Length: 57 minutes

Bringing Peace to Chad

There are some mediators doing exceptional work, utilising their mediation skills and channeling their passion into making a difference at a... read more

build your mediation brand
Mike Lind Profile Pic

Michael Lind

Videos: 17

Length: 1 hour and 16 minutes

Build Your Mediation Brand

Many believe that mediation is a ‘winner-takes-all market’, where the rewards from mediation are concentrated in the hands of the few. S... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 10

Length: 46 minutes

Building a Mediation Business in India

My guest takes bootstrapping a mediation business to a whole new level. If you think getting started as a mediator or setting up a conflict ... read more

Build Your Mediation Practice
Tammy Lenski Profile Pic

Tammy Lenski

Videos: 21

Length: 54 minutes

Building a Successful Mediation Practice

What do preaching the mediation process, trying to get referrals to mediate litigated cases, and trying to market to everyone have in common... read more

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