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Religious Conflict

Religious Conflict

Tell us about your research into religious conflict.



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I’m doing a part time MA on Jung, on Carl Jung and post Jungian thought because I’ve always thought I’m very interested in religious conflict. I think that understanding religious conflict from a kind of Jungian perspective is really part of it. In fact I was starting to write about it and I realized I didn’t know enough which is why I signed up for doing a two year MA in the subject. I’ve got so completely intrigued by it.


I am seriously thinking about going on to do a PhD and to looking actually at the whole field of mediation and mediators through a kind of Jungian lens. I haven’t quite worked out how to do this but I will be listening to all your interviews and trying to discern how to actually approach the subject. And that’s really just to try and deepen the understanding of what it is that third parties, that mediators actually do, which deals with the human elements of conflict. That’s the nub of it. How do we actually bring the depth of psychology into more of the role, or at least to understand what the role means to us as individual practitioners.


Why are you so interested by religious conflict? What is it about that sort of conflict that captures your attention?


Because I think in many ways religion, and by religion also, of course I mean atheism which is a curious form of religion, I think goes to the heart of who we are as individuals. Not only beliefs and values but our sense of identity, some think of it as a tribal identity. What is it, which ultimately makes us tick as thinking conscious beings.

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Andrew Acland specialises in designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue and consultation processes in complex, multi-party, multi-issue contexts, often with environmental and social sustainability dimensions. Andrew began his working life as a political analyst specialising in East-West relations and arms control. In 1985, while working on the staff of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, he acted as assistant to the Archbishop’s envoy, T... View Mediator