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Large Multi-Party Mediations

Large Multi-Party Mediations

What is the contracting process leading up to a large multi-party mediation such as this?



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As I remember it on that occasion, we were working for a small NGO which was specializing in doing this sort of dialogue work. They had been approached, as I remember it, by a development company and then took it upon themselves to make the right contacts out in the field and to make sure… half the battle is actually getting the right people in the room.


You do what is usually called the stakeholder analysis, when you work out actually who needs to be in the room in order for the conversation to be regarded legitimate and valid and to cover all bases. It’s the central part of the preparation for this kind of work. You do start quite a few months in advance with this sort of project.

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Andrew Acland specialises in designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue and consultation processes in complex, multi-party, multi-issue contexts, often with environmental and social sustainability dimensions. Andrew began his working life as a political analyst specialising in East-West relations and arms control. In 1985, while working on the staff of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, he acted as assistant to the Archbishop’s envoy, T... View Mediator