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Mediator Neutrality

Mediator Neutrality

How crucial is neutrality in your line of mediation work?



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It’s a given. You can’t do this work if you are going to be… One of the first things I say when I’m training people is you have to understand the difference between process and content. Particularly if you are a facilitator, particularly in a very political situation.


This is why the independence and impartiality is such a given. In the commercial world there’s been this long time debate about the difference between facilitative and evaluative mediation for example. Boy, in my world, if you’re evaluative, you’re shown the door very quickly. The twitch of an eyebrow at the wrong moment and you’re out on your ear. You really, really do have to be detached. You would advise on the process but you do not ever, ever express an opinion on the content.


I always quote Clement Attlee who was described by one of… he apparently sat on the fence for so long that the iron had entered into his soul. I identify with that really. I don’t have opinions about it and if I do, I don’t do the work actually.

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