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Interest in Mediation

Interest in Mediation

How did you become interested in mediation?



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Well, again, by accident. I was the Archbishop’s… This is 30 years ago, Aled so forgive me if some of the details escape me. I was on the Archbishop’s staff doing classical staff work. Answering correspondence, preparing speeches and lectures. All that sort of stuff. In the middle of this, Terry developed this role as going off to try and deal with these problems around the world. Libya got complicated so I got a call one evening saying could I be on the next plane to, I can’t remember even where it was now. Tripoli, I think. We spent an interesting couple of days trying to deal with this problem. It was all rather… it was very much on the spur of the moment and I had no idea that it would finally clinch my career for me.


Aled: Were you prepared for the experience or did you just have to think on your feet?


I would say that it was absolutely seat of the pant stuff. Yes. That was about it. I had no idea what I was getting into. For the time it lasted, which was only a few days, it was very much seat of the pants. Slightly nerve wrecking of moments, I have to say. Long time ago.

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Andrew Acland specialises in designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue and consultation processes in complex, multi-party, multi-issue contexts, often with environmental and social sustainability dimensions. Andrew began his working life as a political analyst specialising in East-West relations and arms control. In 1985, while working on the staff of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, he acted as assistant to the Archbishop’s envoy, T... View Mediator