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Helping People Collaborate

Helping People Collaborate

How can mediators help people to become better at collaborating?



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One of the certain bits of works I do at the moment. I do some work for something called the Partnership Brokers Association which I think is a fascinating initiative which has been around for about a dozen years or so. It sprang out of the Prince of Wales business leaders initiatives. The idea is to train third party partnership brokers using skills which you would… very easily recognizable from mediation, huge, huge overlaps.


These people go out, into obscure bits or Africa or Siberia or the Canadian Arctic or something. They bring together businesses and local government and community groups and they broker, they mediate effectively, partnerships between these very diverse organizations in order to do things like bringing healthcare or education initiative.


This is sort of systematic collaboration. How do you get a massive multi-national corporation working with a very small community group composed with indigenous people. It’s not straight forward. They have different assumptions about how things work. It is an example of just how broad this field is getting. It’s a shame in many ways that these kind of proactive applications of third party skills, mediation, skills are not more widely known about actually. I think sometimes we do very easily slip into silos in this field. You’re either a family mediator or you’re a legal mediator or something, doing something else. We don’t actually talk to each other enough and learn enough about the whole range of work being done across this field.

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