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Conflict Resolution Theory

Conflict Resolution Theory

Is there a clear body of theory in conflict resolution?



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It is out there but it is quite disparate.


It’s all over the place, but so many universities now have courses or departments on peace or conflict, or negotiation or mediation or whatever. There’s a massive amount going on out there. The United States has always been quite lucky. They’ve had organizations which have brought together like associations of conflict resolution. People from different parts of the spectrum to talk to each other. We’ve never been terribly good at doing that in this country actually.

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Andrew Acland specialises in designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue and consultation processes in complex, multi-party, multi-issue contexts, often with environmental and social sustainability dimensions. Andrew began his working life as a political analyst specialising in East-West relations and arms control. In 1985, while working on the staff of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, he acted as assistant to the Archbishop’s envoy, T... View Mediator