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The ‘Transformation’

The ‘Transformation’

What is the ‘transformation’ that is said to result from the process?



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Well, it does happen. And it is the experience that people have of becoming more aware of their power and the choices that they have. It’s also becoming more aware of the other person’s perspective. That’s it, empowerment and recognition. And it happens. It happens kind of naturally and sometimes only incrementally and though those words sound kind of spacey and as if they are based on some really idealistic view of human nature, they are a little bit, but also they are very practical when it comes to, for example, negotiating a money settlement. The barrier to businesses agreeing an a dollar amount in a settlement, I believe, is a sense of distrust and a kind of fear of, ‘What will happen if I make any sort of gesture toward the other side that will be used against me.’ So the way for a negotiation to happen more effectively is for there to be a little change in how we’re interacting. For me to gain the courage to say, ‘You know what? I’m not promising anything, but if I were to offer you $50,000, will you at least – and I’m not offering you $50,000 I’m just speaking hypothetically, if I were to offer you that will I discover that you’re open to a lower number? Or are you just going to stick…’ You know, more creative ways they can do the negotiation once they’ve loosened up a little bit toward each other. So it’s effective for that bottom line oriented case as well.

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