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The Role of a Mediator

The Role of a Mediator

What is the role of a transformative mediator?



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So the role of the mediator in the transformative model is to ‘support’ the conversation. And by ‘support the conversation’ we mean: allow for; maximise the opportunities for parties to say whatever they want to say; ask whatever they want to ask; make whatever decisions they want to make about everything, including the process itself. So that’s a lot for a mediator to do actually. It’s a lot other than trying to lead them or guide them or nudge them anywhere. It is support, follow, be there for them to turn to when it’s getting too frustrating. You know, they can turn to me and say, ‘Dan, this isn’t getting anywhere’ and I’m right there with them paying attention and say, ‘Ah, okay. So this isn’t getting anywhere. I gather you’d like to do something different’ or whatever. Support, human support.

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As a teacher and practitioner of the transformative approach, Dan helps parties have a constructive conversation about their differences. He received his law degree, cum laude, from the University of Minnesota School of Law, his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and his B.A., with honors, from the University of California at Berkeley. Although he is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, he prefers to practice mediat... View Mediator