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Post Mediation Training

Post Mediation Training

What did you do after completing your mediation training and establishing your mediation business plan?



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I invested in some things, which weren’t the right investment. I spent a whole Christmas, the first Christmas, setting up websites. In fact, I never used the websites. I do everything on email. Email is the vehicle, really, which works best for me because I’ve got such a busy diary.


I started reading voraciously on mediation. I was quite persistent with CEDR who was really the first organization I decided I would affiliate with because I loved their approach to high standards and evolving a standard of excellence. I was lucky enough to be invited to join their panel, which was a tremendous opportunity. Then I asked to shadow as many mediators as I could.


I was tremendously lucky in shadowing some very, very good mediators who were very sharing with me on the day about exactly what you are doing to me now, but also what worked for them and just, generally, what they felt they could bring to the parties.

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Eve has over 25 years experience as a solicitor, in private practice and senior in-house counsel roles. She has been the Legal Director for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for the past 9 years and was a VP of new business development at Warner Bros. She’s on numerous mediation panels including CEDR Solve and ADR Group and has published articles on mediation in a number of professional journals. Her fluency in 3 languages make her a... View Mediator