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Extolling the Virtues of Mediation

Extolling the Virtues of Mediation

What would be your main advice to mediators on how to explain the value of mediation?



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I mean, you do sort of see some ways that mediators can explain. That when I’m presenting them to mediators in a workshop, their draw – their jaws, not drawers, drop a bit as well. And you can see them thinking ‘Why would anyone ever say it’? Things like ‘We have a fairly limited role. We can be quite helpful.’ Why would you characterise the service in that way? Why not say ‘We’re very successful, we’re very experienced.’ Push all the positives.


So, one thing I find myself saying a lot to mediators is ‘Be assertive.’ Don’t say ‘It can work if this happens.’ Say ‘It works because of this.’ This is a value-added. This is what mediation brings to the party. Because, like I’ve say, people have tried something, which is talking to the party. They might have tried it for years. And they’re now asking for intervention. Like anyone does when they’re asking for an expert to help in their lives.


So, mediators really have to say what it is that they can do that is more that’s just facilitating a conversation that people have been trying to have for years. Especially if they’re paying for it.

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