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Choosing a Mediation Business Model

Choosing a Mediation Business Model

What should you consider when designing a mediation business model?



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Well in any business—I guess this is my business model—what is your business about? Or how do you know you are being successful? What does success look like? How will you get there? What steps do you need to go through? Do you have it kind of clear? Do you codify it and map it down?

What are your objectives? What does failure look like? How would you mitigate failure? What are the risk to your business? What could knock you off course? How will you react to challenges? All of that stuff should be written down in a business model.


I have mine on one page. If I can’t get it onto one page it’s not right. My business model will fit on one page of A4 and it’s changing all the time. It’s there. It’s coherent and it’s straight forward.

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David has extensive experience of mediation and dispute resolution within a variety of contexts. In 1994, he established Leicestershire Mediation Service – one of the first community mediation schemes in the UK. David ran the scheme for eight years and in that time he established the Conflict Resolution in Schools Programme (CRISP), was a founding member of the Midlands Mediation Network and was active in numerous mediation, restorative justice... View Mediator