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Resistance to Resolver

Resistance to Resolver

How is your complaints management service viewed by businesses?



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Depends on how mature they are, to be honest, in their attitude. So we have some that in the nicest sense I put them in the list I call “Shits”. Excuse the language but it’s what they are, that struggle with the whole concept.


We then have the middle ground and then at the other end we have what we call our “Lovers” who go, “Actually you know what? You help us protect our brand, you pick up customers that otherwise we may have lost and you get them re-engaged.”


We’re finding first time users, around 40% of our customers, were trying to go to either a forum or some other social brand-damaging activity, because they’ve given up on direct engagement with the company.


So actually what we’ve done is we’ve put them back in the process and helped them resolve it. So for companies what we’re doing is the stuff that they can’t touch, we can pick up and help them get back, to try and resolve.

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James Walker is the founder and CEO of Resolver Ltd – an assisted complaints handling service designed to help consumers handle and resolve complaints against the top 1,500 service providers. Resolver helps businesses understand, engage and resolve with their consumers in a neutral environment and to help better understand customers emotions and feedback.... View Mediator