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Scaling Rechtwijzer 2.0

Scaling Rechtwijzer 2.0

Is Rechtwijzer 2.0 ready to handle a large number of users in its current state?



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It would be fantastic because then we could really learn from a large number of people how we can improve it. We could also help more people access better justice and feel more empowered probably, empowering them to take the responsibility that they can handle. So that would be really



I think at this stage, we see the current phase that we’re in as the more experimental phase, where we acknowledge that this is the first design that we put into practice. We feel that we want to put it into practice in a more controlled manner until we have experience of dozens of cases and we feel

confident enough to bring in the big groups, because this system has proven itself sufficiently. It’s quite a thing, of course.


We don’t want to use people as guinea pigs during their divorce, obviously. So, that’s also the reason why we have created a special cockpit, so when these first users get very extensive support right now, we will do everything that’s needed to give them a good divorce.


Honestly, my mobile number is connected to the telephone number of the hotline published on the application and I can be called day or night by the users if they need something. Of course, we also have a real help-desk centre, but in the evening hours, we feel it’s important to also provide support. So, this is the way we do it.


Once we feel that, from the real data, that this is stable, we have Search Engine Optimization ready so we can reach out to the larger volume of people.

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