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Rechtwijzer 1.0

Rechtwijzer 1.0

What was Rechtwijzer 1.0 originally focused on?



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We provided information for people who wanted to divorce, we provided information for people who experienced a labour relation problem, for consumer issues, for small administrative issues, typically involving permits and things like that, and also for landlord/tenant issues.


I think the Rechtwijzer 1.0 platform has always been focused on the Netherlands. I think during the past year following the development of the Rechtwijzer 2.0 platform and the exposure that Rechtwijzer got, we see an increasing willingness to adopt the Rechtwijzer 1.0 – 2.0 type of technology and processes.


Also, internationally, it’s recently that we started to co-operate with the Legal Services Society in British Columbia, Canada. Together with them, we are now working on the Rechtwijzer 2.0 implementation that they have named “MyLawBC”, and this will provide the diagnose triage elements for foreclosure issues, for life planning, wills and estates and also for divorce and separation. It will also have many of the elements of the Rechtwijzer 2.0 platform for divorce and separation as well.

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