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What was the research into micro-justice that you have been involved in?



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I used to work at a university, and there I co-developed this micro-justice research innovation programme. Basically, what they did was to focus on access to justice solutions, financially sustainable access to justice solutions, for people living in developing countries. That’s of course, if you want to find an access to justice challenge, you have to go to Kenya where there’s a population of 40 million people and only 5,000 lawyers in the entire country, and they all are concentrated in the business district in Nairobi. That’s a challenging environment. It might be even more challenging than the environment in London or in The Hague.


So, we also worked on applications there. That’s basically – I think it must be seven or eight years ago where I started seeing the potential of integrating IT in justice processes to increase access to justice. So, I’ve worked on a thing called “MSheria”, “M” stands for “mobile”, “sheria” is Swahili for law. I worked on Msheria in Kenya, I still do. It’s basically an SMS-based version of the Rechtwijzer 2.0 platform, that’s how you could call it.


So, it’s really back to the basics if you work in an environment like that. But I see going back to the basics also is going back to the essentials. Going back to the essentials really enables you to learn a lot about the foundations that applications like Rechtwijzer 2.0 should have. So, that’s, I think, how this prior experience with the micro-justice programme really also feeds in the current Rechtwijzer 2.0 activities.

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