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A Justice Technology Architect

A Justice Technology Architect

What is a Justice Technology Architect?



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It’s a good question and I catch that a lot. I think part of it is because I made up the term myself basically. But the position is meant to express the facts that there are a lot of opportunities for modern information technology to update our justice processes and service delivery. We see that there’s very little communication going on between IT developers on the one hand, legal professionals on the other hand, and thirdly – maybe most importantly – the users of justice as well.


So what a justice technology architect aims to do is to interface between these three groups and make sure that the justice needs of the users are picked up correctly, by IT professionals and law professionals, and that they communicate with each other in order to produce innovative justice technology.


The work that I do as a justice technology architect is very much starting from the justice needs, designing the process flow, integrating modern information technology. I always find it important to emphasise that it should go beyond simply PDF’ing existing stuff that we have, but really, fully use the potential that information technology offers. In the end still creating a very user-friendly interface for these IT-based processes, or maybe even a very user-friendly interface for the justice system is also a key element still.

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