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Engaging Users of ODR

Engaging Users of ODR

How do you engage users with your ODR service?



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This part of bringing in the users of the platform has been very much work done by the Dutch Legal Aid Board, our key partner. They have the channels that they use to bring in the first users, and among them are the legal-services counters that we have in the Netherlands. These are basically government funded, legal information offices that are represent in many of the big cities in the city centres. So, they refer people to the Rechtwijzer 2.0 platform. Next to that and I think more importantly, we still have the Rechtwijzer 1.0 platform online. At this stage we have something like 20,000 unique visitors per month.



So, it’s covering the five issues. It’s quite a lot I think. There’s a university doing independent customer-satisfaction research now among its users. It’s a longitudinal study but the first results are in. I was very happy to hear that we almost got an 8 as a satisfaction rate – an 8 out of 10 – which I was led to believe that’s pretty high for a website. There are a lot of users. The availability of Rechtwijzer 2.0 application is mentioned there. We have a customer contact centre that they can call with a request to provide them the link to start using the Rechtwijzer 2.0 application.

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