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Communities in Transition Consulting

Communities in Transition Consulting

What is the Communities in Transition project?



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Well, as you mentioned, I just started a consulting company, which is a combination of my 20 years of experience in the field, and it brings together all the skills that I’ve picked up along the way. So, Communities in Transition is a consulting company that provides conflict analysis, conflict resolution and conflict resolution training services. So, this means analysing the context, identifying who needs to be at the table, and then providing the conflict resolution services to help resolve what is happening, and, them, of course, building capacity, so training folks to do that themselves.


Our typical clients are donors and NGOs and multilaterals who work with communities who are in conflict, internationally. Folks were trying to help people who are involved in interethnic, inter-religious conflict, try to collaborate and to find a resolution to what is happening.


We also provide domestic mediation services for our human resource departments, to help employees work better together and build stronger teams.

About the mediator

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Nathalie is the founder of Communities in Transition (CIT) and currently works as CIT’s Senior Mediator and International Conflict Management Consultant. She is an internationally recognized change leader with over 18 years of experience in the field of Conflict Management. Nathalie has mediated conflicts ranging from workplace, family, and community disputes, as well as the re-entry of prisoners back into society. Nathalie graduated from J... View Mediator