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Challenges Working in Chad

Challenges Working in Chad

What’s an example of a challenge you faced while working in Chad?



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Well, I think what I found shocking, for one, is, just in this decade, to still have these parallel governments making decisions for the national government. France was the ex-colonial power, and there was a tremendous amount of work, dans les coulisses, as you say, pulling strings, to have the Chadian government go left or go right. So, that was shocking. I thought that was an era that had disappeared, but that was evidently not the case.


And figuring out how to move the French so we could achieve results with the Chadian government, was a tremendous feat. I mean, I don’t think we were able to move the French. I think we finally decided, ‘Well, let’s just deal directly with the Chadian government, because that’s who we need to engage.’


So, navigating these international stakeholders and trying to figure out, within this political landscape, who were our allies, who were the spoilers, who could we work with, who could we trust and who could we not trust, and how do you kind of pull the button or shift the pieces so that you get what you want? I mean, that was tremendously challenging, because there are so many moving parts. So, that was difficult.