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Caring for Kaela

Caring for Kaela

What is Caring for Kaela?



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Kaela’s my God-daughter. She’s a child that I helped raise since she was born. She was also a child that was born to drug addicted parents and whom I tried to adopt. Unfortunately, the system did not allow me to do that, and, in trying to help rescue her, I lost contact with her. The parents were very angry, because I reported some activities that I had seen, that I felt were not healthy for her.


So, the pain of losing her kind of brought on Caring for Kaela, with the idea that you can’t adopt every child that’s hurting, but you can do something about the society in which they grow up in, and, when I look back at Kaela, I wish I had worked more with the parents, as opposed to trying to see how I could rescue Kaela.


These are some hard lessons you learn as you grow up, but it brought out an organisation that was able to impact a lot of people. So, in the long run, it was good, and I had lost track of Kaela and Kaela found me a few years ago through Facebook. So, amazing what technology can do.

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