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Caring for Kaela (2)

Caring for Kaela (2)

How did you progress from Caring for Kaela?



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But it became a passion, and I’ve always thought that you need to do what you love. So, I don’t think I’m different or more compassionate than others. I just feel like I have less experience, so I tend to rely on others’ expertise, which is what made us so effective. We want to Chadians to find out what they needed for their country, as opposed to coming in as an expert and saying, ‘Well, we need ABC to resolve this complex conflict.’


The initial step, when I landed in Chad, was, ‘Okay. Well, who are you, as people and what you need?’ and that’s why it became an initiative that was involved in peace building, because, when the country went to war and we had initially looked at psychosocial rehabilitation program, what Chadians were telling us was that this was no longer their priority, and even though we could’ve been helpful helping orphans and helping child soldiers. At the end of the day, what they needed was security.


So, to honour these authentic relationships that I had started to build, we shifted the priorities of the organisation towards peace and security.