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The British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

The British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

What is the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal?



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The Civil Resolution Tribunal, as you mentioned, will be Canada’s first online tribunal. It will have jurisdiction over what’s called, small claims matters, in British Columbia. These are civil disputes, about $25,000 or less – Canadian dollars. Things like debt, or contracts, personal injuries, specific performance. But the monetary value of those claims is low and the number of them is pretty high. There are 22,000 claims like this, in BC, currently. The Civil Resolution Tribunal will have jurisdiction over those claims. As well as what we call Strata, or condominium property claims, which I understand are roughly equivalent to sharers, and freeholder shares, and leasehold disputes, in your world.


Condominium disputes are disputes between owners who all live in the same building and share ownership over the underlying land title. In BC, in British Columbia, there are a million people who live in Strata or condominium type units. That number is increasing because older people, the baby boomers, are downsizing, selling their homes and moving into flats into these condominium units.


It’s an area that is growing really rapidly, not just in British Columbia, but across the country. Right now, owners who have disputes within these settings have to go to the court to resolve them, and it can be very expensive and time consuming. As a result, it’s really not a viable option for most people.


The Civil Resolution Tribunal, is going to give those people a forum in which to resolve their disputes very quickly, very conveniently, very inexpensively. Ideally, from their tablet, their mobile phone, their computer, in their home or in a coffee shop – wherever that they happen to be. So, the technology is one tool.


The other piece of the puzzle that’s just as important, or maybe more important, is giving people different tools. Not just having an adjudicative decision at the end, we offer that too, if that’s necessary. But first, front loading the process so that we’re putting a lot of effort into early resolution. Through facilitation, people with mediation skills, negotiation. Those kind of tools.

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Shannon Salter is the Chair of the Civil Resolution Tribunal and has a longstanding commitment to access to justice, particularly in the context of administrative tribunals. An active provider of pro bono legal advice and representation through her career, Shannon is also adjunct professor of administrative law at the UBC Faculty of Law, a commissioner of the Financial Institutions Commission and vice president of the British Columbia Council ... View Mediator