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Improving Your Chances in a Tough Market

Improving Your Chances in a Tough Market

What can a mediator do to improve their chances of success in this tough market?



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It’s difficult for the reasons that I mentioned but of course it’s not impossible. I think if you are gregarious enough to put yourself out there, to get around, to write the articles, to publicise yourself to really work your contacts. To work together with a provider. Like JAMS for example. We do work with an advertising agency, a PR agency. There’s lots that we can do to try to connect you to what’s a fairly extensive client base. This isn’t easy. I’m not answering your question, but I think in a lot of cases, if you’re trying to get into commercial mediation, you might well want to save yourself two or three years extremely hard and unprofitable work by just concentrating on whatever made you successful in the first place. Go back to the day job. I feel terrible for communicating that message but I honestly think that there aren’t enough people involved in mediation saying that. I think there are too many people peddling false hope. 20 years into this and it’s tough.



What I would say also, this is slightly more encouraging, is that it can be slow but you may get there. Bill Wood for example now, who is as popular a mediator as there is anywhere, got only three appointments in his first year of trying. I think people should bear that in mind. The ramp up is slow in all cases. The market needs to see you as operating as something different from not being a barrister or a solicitor or whatever it was you previously were. So everybody should expect it to be hard and slow. But I think within that, there is still going to be a very substantial core of people who don’t pursue it.

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