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Bringing Back Disputes Loop

Bringing Back Disputes Loop

Do you have any plans to resurrect DisputesLoop?



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It’s still there. It’s still there in the ether. I don’t know. In some respects I thought perhaps the the timing was just bad. Maybe it will come back. It’s interesting that IMI is in this space now. I launched it before LinkedIn was even really up and running. I think there is a lot of good, helpful communication between mediators going on there. Do people want this kind of feedback? Curiously I got, someone sent me some minutes from the Commercial Mediation User’s Group, the Katie Bradford venture run by Linklaters. That appeared to suggest that the users got together and decided what they really wanted was a website with feedback on and all the rest of it. I thought this was just extraordinary. I tried to give you this years and years ago and nobody was interested but who knows. Maybe it will come back.

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