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Becoming a Mediator in Spain

Becoming a Mediator in Spain

How can one get involved with mediation for the first time in Spain?



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I do the training at the University of Barcelona and this is a special, graduate course they do for people who want to be mediators. Every year it’s like lots of them and that’s one course that’s offered.


They all have that question. OK. Some are lawyers. Some are, they come from different backgrounds but they would like to be mediators and we discuss that question a lot. I think, imagine if your background is human resources.


OK, you think about becoming independent and trying to see whether you’re going to get mediations coming to you or can you empower your business through human resources to establish an internal scheme that will help your business to manage conflicts better.


You could be your company mediator, or premeditator, or whatever you want to call it to assist your company to diffuse conflict. If there are things that escape from your knowledge, use external experienced mediators to support you on that thing.


You don’t need to externalize everything always. In many ways every person that is a trained mediator can contribute in their own businesses in every way.


Another option that I always consider interesting is to say many people have dreams of getting into, I don’t know, there’s lawyers that would like to do more mediations.


Again, instead of waiting, why not approach some clients and then talk to the head of labour and then establish concrete skills for concrete answers, for concrete questions and concrete problems.


You become a panellist with them. People want to learn to become self-sufficient. Now there’s no time for outsource and spending a lot of money. It’s time to diffuse and reduce the amount of explosions in order for the business to run smoothly, as smoothly as you can. The external context is difficult enough to deal with internal problems.


Some internal problems, they’re hard to externalize. You have to trust the person in the same way that when they have their internal lawyer, they understand, the internal lawyer understands the culture of the business.


I can look at it in a different fashion, in a different way, although, I still think that there is room for a private, high profile mediation centre. Here there is very high level, come on, you know, the ham, a parma ham kind of thing, the Spanish ham.


There is one very good value, ham that is called Jabugo. They talk, clients say, if there was Jabugo mediation centre. The top level mediation centre, three, four people able to do that independently, maybe.


These people have to have ready the credentials of the market. In a way, I could now, at least from the lawyers I know in the market, have five people that could do that job brilliantly and they do have the experience.


Market yourself in that way, like it happened in England. At the time, and I remember perfectly, when people from CEDR were leaving CEDR and creating their own, consultancies or projects or whatever you want to call them with four top, crème- de-la-crème.



It’s the same for arbitration. I mean, this has evolved in ways there’s some people that have been able to position themselves very well. Why have they positioned themselves so well? They’ve done something right. They possibly have done something right. I don’t think markets are stupid. Truly, if you’re a business would you risk it? Would you risk it with a new face? The question is how can we create second generations of elite mediators or arbitrators? This is a question.


What it means is that the second generation of top mediators or arbitrators or anything, they need to be continuously working heavily in the background. There is enough work. The question is how do I put my head in.

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