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Popularity of Mediation in Russia

Popularity of Mediation in Russia

How widely used is mediation in Russia?



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Yes. The figure is very, very modest, you know? Especially in comparison with the figures which I gave you before. Probably it’s not more than, maybe, more than 1,000 mediations.


Right, okay.


Not so many, yet.


Those 1,000 or so mediations, approximately how many mediators would carry out those mediations? How many mediators do you have registered in Russia?


You know, registered mediation . . . At least we know that, for instance, our centre prepared more than 400 mediators. Also, in national organisation for mediators we have more than 120 mediators. Five organisations are providers.


From Federal Institute of Mediation we know that there is almost 100 of providers and education entities which deal with mediation. This is what we have. At the same time, most of the mediators, they never had mediation. Many of them. Many of them, they started just to extend their knowledge, to improve their skills. Some of them, they use the Center develop their mediative approach. We have a lot of our alumni who studied in the Center for Mediation and Law, especially lawyers, who use mediative approach in their every-day work and it helps them.

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