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Regulating Mediation Training

Regulating Mediation Training

Could regulation be used to improve the quality of mediator training?



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I suppose cynically, the organisations that are currently in charge of, if you like, certainly on my side of the fence, family mediation, which is the five membership organisations that make up the Family Mediation Council. Some of them have got a stake in mediation training at the moment. So, if it was regulated, it went out to, maybe, established colleges, then that would be an enormous source of income revenue which they would be losing.


You’re not going to, as a mediation organisation say, “Vote for regulation,” if it means that your largest source of income is going to be taken away from you. At least, I think that’s how you would see it in the short-term. Of course in the medium-term, there’s all the ongoing professional development training, which they could still participate in or deliver. So, there are huge opportunities there.