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French Mediation Organisations

French Mediation Organisations

What organisations are there to support mediation in France?



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We have actually a lot of institutions, one that was put in place the CMRP which was put in place by the Chambre de Commerce du Paris, which is a very successful institution. They entered around, for now probably around 800-900 cases a year, which doesn’t seem much if you compare to CEDR example in London, I think which I understand probably handles ten times more cases a year, but their figures are slightly growing every year and we have L’académie de la Médiation which is a group of people that is like a think tank where people from companies and lawyers and mediators go to get together and try to discuss what should be done in order to foster the use of mediation in France. They originated the signing of a charter, where I think we have 45 signatories of that charter of mediation, big groups like WIG, Arriva and others have signed that charter, so there a lot of initiative going on there. Our bar association, the person who’s a lawyer could also participate to the commission on mediation at the bar, which is also very active and tries to put together proposals to the Ministry of Justice so as to reform our law on mediation and again try to develop that.

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