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Why Mediation in India?

Why Mediation in India?

What triggered your desire to start a mediation business in India?



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So, one, I think when I turned 45, I started asking some basic questions of myself in terms of, I was always the kind of person for whom finding meaning was more important than achieving happiness of any kind. For me happiness and being comfortable was never as important as being driven to making a tangible difference. Okay? Which also meant that most of the time I was extraordinarily unhappy but happy about being unhappy. So at 45 I had to step back and ask myself some questions as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and at the same time, two minor triggers kind of happened. One was I broke up with the woman I was dating at that point in time. Actually I had broken up with her a year earlier, and I think that it took me a while to get over that. And two, a job that I had taken up, a corporate training job just didn’t work out. It was just not my thing. And rather than look for another job or start an independent practice, I figured, ‘You know what? This is as good a chance as any to make a dramatic shift in my life because frankly I would be doing what I always wanted which was to be an entrepreneur, and create the kind of organisation that I felt I could live with.’ It was like all of the forces were coming together, converging, and frankly, it was a no brainer.

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Ashok is fond of saying that, while he is no Mother Theresa or Gautama Buddha, he is utterly fascinated by the intricacies and nuances of conflict resolution and peacemaking. A facilitator for 25 years, he has been called many names, including “agent provocateur.” The many hats he wears include mediator, facilitator, educator, and office clown. When asked why he does this work, he says: ‘Conflicts are early warning signals that things ar... View Mediator