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Mediation Advocacy

Mediation Advocacy

What are the differences between mediation and mediation advocacy?



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The mediator certification goes through standards, understanding of the problem-solving concepts, actually using the mediation process, designing a process that meets the needs of a particular party. Engage them, understanding that there is a difference between facilitative and evaluative, and maybe that the best mediators use all of these processes, they’re not limited to one.

Remembering that it’s party determination so that it’s the parties’ process, not the mediator’s process. The mediator shouldn’t be foisting his or her beliefs on the parties, and looking at what closure meets in mediation.


It’s the basic understanding of how mediation works in order to be certified through a qualified assessment programme. They have their own individual requirements. That’s a combination of training and actual experience that creates what is on the IMI website, which is a digest that’s drawn from user feedback, that describes how this mediator interacted with them and whether it was good, bad or indifferent.


It’s a great resource, one that I used when I was at AIG to understand the mediator. The same criteria for mediator certification is used for mediation advocacy, but the experience that the advocate brings is that of an advocate or adviser. Someone who is working for the party in the mediation context, while the mediator is bringing the parties together.


When I was teaching at AIG that’s really what I was teaching the claims professionals. How do you get the most out of this process so that you can reach the best result? Not for the least money, but the right result for that particular case. Then, sometimes, using mediation to get the information that they need. Don’t just give up, but try to get more information because, there’s a reason why the other side has evaluated their claim differently than you do.

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