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The International Mediation Institute

The International Mediation Institute

How did you become involved in the International Mediation Instititute (IMI)?



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When I was at AIG, I was recruited to the board of the International Mediation Institute. That brought me to another level, finding context of using mediation globally in the corporate context. That’s been very exciting, working with people throughout the world on broader expansion and understanding of what mediation is, what is it intended to do, creating standards that can be applied globally. So that a corporation who’s in Nigeria, or Singapore, or Hungary, when they talk about mediation, it has the same context that they’re discussing. As I think many of your viewers know, IMI has also established a certification programme, or certification standards, that are applied regionally and locally by qualified assessment programmes. Again, so that when a corporation, or a user, goes from country to country, they know that the same standards are applied to the mediators in all of those different countries.


Last year, IMI established Mediation Advocacy Certification. I believe that that’s even more important because in many instances, the user, this is the one time, maybe the two times they’re going to use mediation, but their lawyer will be using it much more for a broader band of their clients. So the lawyer must really know how to advocate in the mediation context and how that’s different from a trial lawyer. How to best serve their client.

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Deborah Masucci is currently Chair and Board Member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and was former Chair of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Dispute Resolution Section with over 9,000 members worldwide. She is a Board member for Access ADR. She is a member of the International Arbitration Club of New York. She also serves as a full time arbitrator and mediator. Deborah was recruited to AIG in 2003 to establish its Office o... View Mediator