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An Inclusive Approach

An Inclusive Approach

Is the IMI inclusive of all approaches to mediation?



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Right. One of the things I keep on saying to people that the way we do mediation in the United States may or may not be the way it has to be done outside the United States. We have to be careful that we’re not spreading an American initiative because it isn’t. Mediation is really for everyone and it is practised differently wherever we go.


We also feel, and I know you’ve read some of the blog pieces that I have, that mediation right now is stalled in many respects. We don’t see the major push, which is why IMI has a new initiative. It’s called the Global Pound Conference. It was started last year, last October, in London with a conference called ‘Shaping the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution’. Focused, again, on what do users want out of the process? And where do they see their needs going in the future?


If we constantly push mediation, that’s only one tool. Maybe it’s something else in the future. So we learned a lot from the conference in October. In fact, you can go on the IMI website and see all of the data that was generated from it, leading us to believe that there’s a difference of viewpoint between the actual user, the provider of the mediation services, and academics on what mediation should be. But we think that that was just a snapshot. We’ve got to do it more globally.


From the end of this year through 2016, the idea is to put together 15 or more of these conferences worldwide. We’ve already gotten a lot of interest from Australia, Singapore, just to name two countries, where people can convene and answer 15 questions that will be used for every one of these conferences.


In addition, they could also supplement regional specific questions so that they can tailor it to their individual countries. People who cannot physically attend the conference will be able to electronically attend and listen, and answer, and participate in all of the questions. This way we’re going to be creating even more data and that can be used to guide the ADR community in the future.

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