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Bringing Mediators Together

Bringing Mediators Together

How does IMI help bring mediators together?



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I think the IMI website is probably the best way to get them together. Because it is an international organisation, it’s transparent, it’s available to everyone. Loads of resources available on the IMI website, also, for free that will help this.


It’s almost as if, in each of the situations that I’ve been, I’ve started with designing the right process for the organisation that I was with. Then that process grew, as people within the organisations understood what they can do with it and were thirsting for more information and more education on how to do this the right way.


I’ve always said that when we get to arbitration or litigation, that something has broken down and that’s where the expenses start egging up so we should really be in a posture to try to resolve it much earlier.


On the other hand, we also have to recognise, and this is probably where I depart from many of these mediation advocates, not every case should and can be mediated. There are situations where you want to develop a precedent, where the parties . . . it’s just not the right time, you know, I keep talking about doing it as early as possible, it’s not the right time.

People have to expand their idea that mediation may not be the be–all end– all, but just part of a process that everyone goes through.

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Deborah Masucci is currently Chair and Board Member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and was former Chair of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Dispute Resolution Section with over 9,000 members worldwide. She is a Board member for Access ADR. She is a member of the International Arbitration Club of New York. She also serves as a full time arbitrator and mediator. Deborah was recruited to AIG in 2003 to establish its Office o... View Mediator