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Growth in ADR

Growth in ADR

Where are the best opportunities for growth of ADR in the future?



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Along with Insurance, the other area that I think about when I think about huge users of ADR is the construction area. The problem in the construction area, and the decline of the use of ADR, has really been because construction starts have lulled because of the economy. That’s another barrier to mediation. The economy doesn’t help. So there is the construction industry.


When I mentioned earlier that we’re looking at countries or sectors, regions, to develop IMI presence in Africa, the oil and gas industry is really pushing the use of mediation. So, yes, sectors of industries will really push the process.


I also think that community mediation, and the way communities use it, will push it because it will expand the understanding on a personal basis of what mediation means and how it can be helped. I’ll go to current affairs. I think it’s been in the news throughout the world, of demonstrations in Baltimore and other cities.


There could be people in those communities trained to hold conversations, so that they would diffuse the anger and diffuse all of the problems in those cities, but also make a plan for the future. Again, this goes back to what I said earlier. When I got the job, to the head of department at the Head of the AIG, I had a plan and trained facilitators. I’m not using the word ‘mediator’, because it’s a mediation-like function. These are trained facilitators who help the conversation, again, diffuse the anger and help parties look to the future and put up a process together, to bring in money to use and build the infrastructure and eliminate the frustrations that they have in those locations. So the community is a good place, a good sector that we have to focus on and that will push mediation in the future.

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