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Pinterest and Divorce Mediation

Pinterest and Divorce Mediation

How do use Pinterest to market your mediation services?



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I find Pinterest fascinating. I had gone on to look at it a few times over the years, created an account, and never got into it. I didn’t really get how people spent so much time on it. It’s this online board. Like a cork board that you could have up in your house. You cut up scraps and pin it up. Instead, you find something you like, and you pin it to your board. You can create boards with all these different names. I think the first one I did I called “Hair Stuff.” It was just different hair stuff I liked. The second one I did was called “Home Stuff” because it was home things I liked. Then I started looking around at categories. There’s “Humour” and “Quotations” and “Inspiration.” I started looking at that and over the course of time I put a “Divorce Stuff” and “Re-dating Stuff” for people starting to date again. And then inspirational things. You find things and you can either pin them to multiple boards or categorise them that way. It’s interesting. It’s much more public than Facebook. You can create a secret board or you have these public boards. It’s not the same kind of direct conversation with your friends.


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Arianna Jeret is a mediator & certified divorce coach whose practice is focused on helping couples stop the daily fighting, resolve their disagreements, and regain control of their individual lives. Arianna received her BA at UCLA, her MA in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. After a 15-year career in non-profit development, Arianna embarked on her path ... View Mediator