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Interest in Mediation

Interest in Mediation

How did you get into mediation?



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At the heart of the matter, I was working for 15 years in a non-profit fundraising career which I enjoyed, but also found frustrating because when you’re working in a female-dominated field and the pay is fairly low, and the respect as a professional is not particularly high. There’s a lot of competition that happens between the professionals. There’s a lot of junior high school-type politics that tend to play out. At the same time, I was also in my own extremely difficult marriage, and was feeling like I was going to need to support myself and my children, more substantially, at some point. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine at the time who was an attorney, and had just taken a course on mediation, and was starting her own mediation practice with a partner. I said “I’m thinking about going back and getting my license in social work and starting a private practice. I want to do more direct work with people.” She said, “You’d be a great mediator. You should really look into that.” I said, “I’m not an attorney. How am I supposed to do that? I can’t do that. I’m not going to go back to law school now.”


She informed me that you don’t have to be. It’s just fascinating to me because when I look at my alumni website now, when you look at potential careers for social workers, you don’t see anything related to alternative dispute resolution. But when you look at the pages that alumni are associated with, organisations they’re associated with, there are all these ADR organisations on there. There’s a sad disconnect.


Anyway, I took a course at Pepperdine and just fell in love with mediating and decided that that was it. That same friend had started this practice. They were going to focus on elder mediation, which I was interested in, but I was really, really intrigued by divorce mediation right from the beginning. I suggested, “What if I join the practice and we make it a global family type practice, where we handle all of these different kinds of issues that affect families.”

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Arianna Jeret is a mediator & certified divorce coach whose practice is focused on helping couples stop the daily fighting, resolve their disagreements, and regain control of their individual lives. Arianna received her BA at UCLA, her MA in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. After a 15-year career in non-profit development, Arianna embarked on her path ... View Mediator