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A Professional Practice Consultant

A Professional Practice Consultant

What is a professional practice consultant?



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Okay, sure, for those that haven’t come across the term, it is essentially the same as what in psychotherapeutic circles would be called a “supervisor” so it is someone who assists other mediators with their work, offers consultation, a listening ear, has obviously roles in relation to quality control and monitoring of ethical practices, and that sort of thing, but really is a support person for fellow mediators. That’s it in a nutshell.


I think one of the reasons why the term “professional practice consultant” is used more commonly, particularly in Ireland and the U.K. is that certainly for those of us from a legal background, the term supervision doesn’t quite have the same connotations that it does in psychotherapeutic circles. I think it has more negative associations in the legal profession. I know that for solicitors in Ireland, one of the sanctions for malpractice is to practice under supervision, so the idea of having a supervisor is something that is not particularly welcomed so I think the term professional practice consultant is a little bit less contentious maybe.


It’s not specific to family mediation. The training is [inaudible 00:04:16] located within the context of family mediation all right, but there is a school of thought that really anyone practicing mediation, or anyone working in the area of co nflict resolution, would benefit from supervision, you know? If you’re working in a particular service, supervision can often be very structured. I know in the family mediation service here, the state service, you have supervision regularly. That is part of your job function, is to engage in supervision.


In the private sector, where I’m working at the moment, it’s at the moment less of a requirement but more something that I suppose mediators would engage in off their own initiative. Really, as a form of support because mediation can be quite an isolated profession in a way in that you’re not often working with colleagues and being able to pick up the phone to a colleague at any time of day can be very useful.

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