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ODR for Cross-Border Family Mediation

ODR for Cross-Border Family Mediation

What kinds of ODR methods do you use in cross-border family mediation?



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In terms of what you’re using – platforms shall we say – Skype is obviously the easiest and the cheapest, the most accessible but it’s not by any means the only thing that’s available. In the course of the training I had the fortune to trial a system that was developed by an Australian company called Relationships Australia, who obviously use online mediation a lot due to the huge distances involved in Aus. and that system was really like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was a true virtual mediation space in that there were different screens for different parties all on one computer obviously, but as a mediator you can talk to the parties together, you can caucus with them, there’s a virtual white board, a virtual flip chart, there’s an agreement panel where you can draft your agreement at the same time which was really very, very sophisticated and very impressive. And if only the broadband speed everywhere can be developed to the extent that these platforms will work, I think it’s really the way of the future, you know?

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Sabine became a full time mediator having left legal practice in 2009. She has a broad ranging private practice. She is Programme Director and Lecturer on the Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at St. Angela’s College, Sligo (NUIG), and also provides mediation training for other agencies, including the Law Society. She is a certified international family mediator, a trained Professional Practice Consultant and hold... View Mediator