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Domestic Mediation in Ireland

Domestic Mediation in Ireland

Do you get many domestic mediation cases in West Ireland?



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Definitely there’s plenty of work within the northwest of Ireland to keep me going. For the more cross-cultural stuff obviously that involves traveling, and I do spend a lot of time up and down from Dublin just for general, for training and for conferences. Plus, I’m involved quite heavily with the Irish mediation organisation, the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, so that requires a bit of traveling as well. But on a day to day basis, there’s enough work within my greater catchment area here to keep me entertained anyway.

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Sabine became a full time mediator having left legal practice in 2009. She has a broad ranging private practice. She is Programme Director and Lecturer on the Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at St. Angela’s College, Sligo (NUIG), and also provides mediation training for other agencies, including the Law Society. She is a certified international family mediator, a trained Professional Practice Consultant and hold... View Mediator