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Cross-Border v Domestic Mediation

Cross-Border v Domestic Mediation

Does cross-border mediation require different skills to domestic mediation?



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I would say they’re additional, they’re additional skills. Well, skills and process models, maybe we should take those two things separately. In terms of the process model, the favourite process, if you like, or the best researched in particularly cross- border cases where there might be either an abduction or a threatened abduction. They obviously have different constraints around them than a domestic family mediation so you will have issues like. . . Well, first of all the parties, by definition, will probably be in different countries if one parent has taken the children to another country so you’re going to have to deal with that issue.


For example there are a number of different factors that, in these cases, would make online mediation a very attractive option. Number one, financial constraints, often the parties just can’t afford to travel to a conductive venue. Secondly the abducting parent might fear criminal prosecution if they return to the state of habitual residence where the children resided. And sometimes agencies end up focusing on one country but there can be different agencies, lawyers in different countries and such, and then trying to get them all physically in one place, online mediation can work very well in assisting in getting them in . . . Sorry there’s just a little notice coming up here about the Internet connection . . . Can assist in bringing everybody into the one place.

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